Super SD 501 Kangen Machine

Super SD 501 Kangen As for the cell of electrolysis by which the water for the health administration of drinking water, cosmetics water, washing, and disinfection is generated from two hose, exclusive use was benefited by the hose, respectively for exclusive use in each. Create generous quantities of Kangen Water® and Strong Acidic Water.
  1. It is suitable for commercial use by a restaurant, small-scale food industry, etc.
  2. Generate five different types of water with the touch of a button.
  3. Water pressure may change also at an apartment, a store, and a home. The water pressure regulating function is attached to the super 501. Even when changing water pressure easily, it can be used feeling easy by this function.
  4. Can continuously produce Strong Kangen Water® for cleaning and Strong Acidic

In order to produce Strong Acidic Water and Strong Kangen Water®, the electrolysis enhancer (salt solution) must be added. About 120 liters Strong Acidic Water (about 80 minutes) can be produced by using the enhancer in the internal tank at one time. Continuous use is possible if replenished. Automatic cleaning can be performed even while it is being used and water can be stored in the external tank.

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